My name is Howard Rhodes, and I’ve lived a plant-based lifestyle for more than a decade.

I’ve always been a creator at heart which is why I normally make everything I eat from scratch.  I love taking raw vegetables and grains and turning them into something delicious!

When I first started making soap, my goal was to make something myself, from scratch, that was free of all the nasty chemicals found in store bought soaps. I’ll never forget my first batch of soap and the pleasure it brought me to use it. I had made it myself, and it was amazing! It left my skin feeling smooth, and my body feeling clean.

At first, I was making the soap for myself, but soon my friends and family wanted to try it. They loved it as much as I did.  This is why I’m so passionate about teaching people about the benefits of vegan soaps.  Hopefully, after browsing the site, you’ll be just as passionate as I am and you’ll try making it on your own.